Large big wheel  fitness pedal tricycle.                                                     

                        Rugged All Terrain Adult Tricycles From Higley Welding


This is the most heavy duty durable trike on the market.Basic appearance but yet can be dropped off the roof of a 2 story home and it will just bounce.

                           Adult Trike Model 1 Includes Seat With Backrest
      LARGE ADULT TRICYCLE WITH 38" WIDE AXLE                                           Julie is 6 Ft Tall !

                           Higley Built Tricycles are  a heavy duty tricycle recommended for a person who is at least 4.5 feet.
                           Engineered and  very stable because of the  well-balanced frame. You can ride 
                           this heavy duty built trike on any rough surface.

                           The dimensions are 45 length, 29.5 width.
                           The seat adjusts up and down on the frame to fit people 5' to 7' tall.
                           Available color: red,blue or John Deere Green. (Call for current colors)

3 size axles. 32" 36" 38"

                  * Ideal for therapeutic use. This Super Large All Terrain Pedal Tricycle are ideal for 
                     people who just never learned to ride a chain drive trike or bike.They work very welll                        for adult and children with vestibule issues.
               Schools and hospitals find these to be ideal for motion training and physical therapy.

                                                                          CURRENT PRICING
               Trike # 1 *Basic Adult  32" Wide Axle   $369.00 Plus $79.00 S/H US
               Trike # 2 *Adult Extra Wide 36" Axle For Extra Balance   $369.00 Plus $69.00 S/H 
               Trike # 3 *Standard Adult 30" Wide Axle and Seat With Backrest.  
$409.00 Plus $69.00 S/H
               Trike # 4 *Adult Extra Wide 36"Axle and Seat/Backrest   
$429.00 plus $69.00 S/H



     change axles  30"38"                                                                                          

                                                                   BUILT IN THE USA
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Choose Trike-Shipping Charge Of $69.00 Will Be Included In Total
Choose Color-Also Leave Alternate Color In Order Notes

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